Town Heroes

Deb Ramsey
Lived in Omaha, TX for 51 years

Deb is a 51 year resident of Omaha. She plays a vital role in the First Baptist Church of Omaha where she is on the Stewardship Committee. She donates her time to be on the Housing Authority Board and the Omaha Cares Board. The Omaha Cares Board supplies people struggling with cancer with resources they need in order to get treatment or purchase the items they need in recovery. She is often busy with her card ministry where she sends cards to people in the community, providing transportation for community members that need to go to the doctor, shopping, or just to get out of the house. She participates in the Republican Women of Mt. Pleasant where they help sponsor the Drug Court for Morris, Camp and Titus counties. They provide incentives to individuals who successfully complete the drug court program. She helps organize and donate to Safe-T's backpack party for back to school supplies and their toiletry needs. The Republican Women of Mt. Pleasant also donate diapers to CASA and donate toiletries to local volunteer fire departments to share individuals who have experienced a loss due to fire. Deb Ramsey is a true blessing to Morris County!

Lillie Neely

Lillie Neely is a true hero to Morris County and the surrounding communities. Lillie and Keith Neely reside in the Carson area but their good deeds are felt way beyond any boundaries. When there is a death in her church family, Lillie arranges comfort and food to be taken in as long as it is needed.
She is constantly checking to make sure her friends and families are well cared for. When families or individuals have so tight a budget that food is a problem, she makes sure that food is provided. When families are to able to pay their bills, she does her best to establish some means of help or a referral to an organization that can help out.
She has spent the days with a friend that had broken both legs when the family was not able. She then organized other church people to stay as needed.
When someone needs to get to a doctor's appointment, if Lillie cannot take them she will arrange other transportation.
Knowing Lillie is an honor and a pleasure to see God's work done with such love and compassion for her fellow human beings.

Della Newman
Lived in Daingerfield and Llano, TX for over 30 years

Della is retired from Carter Blood Center where she worked as a supervisor. She spends her time volunteering for Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church where she works in all aspects of the monthly food bank, she helps in any way to keep the church going and participates in both the English and Spanish Choir. She is well known for her decorating and culinary talents. She once owned a Tea Room and craft shop. She assists with the Alter and Rosary Society to provide needs to grieving families. Della saw a need to speak Spanish and taught herself the language. She is able to provide translation services to those in need. Della is a hero because she sees needs in our community and does not hesitate to step in and fill the gaps with her time and talents.

Mykesia Cheatum

Mykesia Cheatum is a student enrolled at Texas A&M University at Commerce, working toward a degree in social work. At South Elementary, Mykesia plays a vital role with out Communities in School Program, identifying students with basic needs that have not been met, initiating social/emotional learning groups, team building exercises, tutoring students academically, and doing whatever task she sees that would benefit the children in our community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mykesia has passed out lunches to the children in out community for every shift, has participated in zoom conferences to bring joy to the children, has called upon families that we were worried about, and much more. Outside of DLS-ISD, Mykesia can be found exercising, actively participating in her church, spending time with her family, or focusing on her studies. She participates in community workout classes and builds relationships with people wherever she goes!

Cory Byrd
Lives in Lone Star since Aug. 6, 2019

Cory volunteers full time for Froggie's Helping Hands which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Lone Star. They provide food for those that are hungry, clothing to those that are unable to provide this for themselves or their families, as well as housing placement assistance and employment placement assistance. Along with this they provide several pro bono programs within the thrift store such as life coaching. Froggie's Learning Academy teaches community members how to read and write as well as life skills training, computer literacy, and a free community lawn service to assist those in our area unable to take care of their lawns. Cory truly has a servant's heart and blesses all those around him.