Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

Morris County was awarded a Hogg Foundation grant in May 2019 and was assigned partners to support the county's efforts to revitalize and promote well-being. These partners are Texas A&M College Station, Learning Team, and the Alliance for Greater Works.

Our partnership with The Hogg Foundation will help transform how communities promote mental health in everyday life.

Mental health is not solely an individual responsibility; it's a result of community conditions. Some mental health conditions are exacerbated by medical or clinical barriers, such as the lack of mental health professionals in the state. Additionally, many poor outcomes stem from challenging environmental factors like housing stability, neighborhood infrastructure, and conditions at home, work, and school.

Mental health is a concept that should be promoted beyond the walls of health clinics and integrated into everyday life, such as in our conversations and in our choices.

Community members, leaders, and professionals -- from teachers and preachers, to police officers and judges -- should understand the importance of mental health and the factors that influence it. Children should be supported by their families, teachers, peers, counselors, and administrators in ways that enhance social connection and resiliency.

We work to bring community resources together to improve our lives, especially for those who have been historically marginalized and excluded.

Hogg Foundation Mental Health Team

Dr. Octavio Martinez

Executive Director

A native Texan and licensed psychiatrist, Dr. Martinez is the fifth Executive Director to lead the foundation since its creation in 1940. He oversees the vision, mission, goals, strategic planning and day to day operations of the foundation.

Tammy Heinz

Senior Program Officer and Consumer & Family Liaison

Tammy represents the perspectives of consumers of mental health services and their families in the foundation's strategic planning, grant making, programs and policy activities.

Ricky Ybarro

Senior Program Officer

Rick joined the foundation in 2007 where he serves as Senior Program Officer and leads the Integrated Health Care Initiative and co-leads the Collaborative Approaches to Well-Being in Rural Communities initiative.

The Learning Team

Heather Clark
Emily Martin
MS, C.H.E.S,
Elfreda Samman

Alliance for Greater Works

Angela Johnson
Program Director
Sherrie Willis
Ginny Chandler
Program Manager